Dental Laser

Advanced Laser Dentistry

Dr. Lopez is pleased to offer patients the pinnacle of laser technology, the LightWalker™ dental laser. The LightWalker laser can be used for soft tissues (gum surgery) or for hard tissues (teeth). All-laser treatment is less invasive, procedures take less time, and results are more precise. Recovery times are much shorter than ever before, requiring fewer follow-up visits.

The LightWalker laser is so gentle patients rarely require any shots. There’s no drilling noise, something children really appreciate. Gum surgery is done with NO scalpels and NO stitches. And root canals can be completed in half the time. Ask us if laser dentistry is for you!


It costs nothing to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for laser treatment. Schedule a no-cost/no-obligation consultation by calling (925) 689-8711.